Coach - Anne Watson

All business success stems from great leadership. How do you make sure that when you are managing your portfolio career as a non executive director or as a consultant, or indeed if you are still pursuing an ambitious executive career that you are demonstrating those qualities of a leader that people around you will respect? A good leader needs people to follow them and this course, consisting of 5 modules, explores the personal qualities of a good leader, working out what needs to be part of your skill set in order to succeed. A motivated workforce is the dream team so how can you make sure that every person in your team is performing at their best? We explore ways to increase motivation and therefore increase business success. High performing teams need good leaders and communication, including meetings, need to be clear and compelling. Finally we provide a clear framework for ensuring that you are doing all the right things to achieve your goals and surround yourself with people who will enhance business success.

Who should watch this video based course? Anyone who wants to understand how they can improve their stature and their gravitas in meetings; anyone who wants to develop new tools, tips and techniques to get the most out of their most expensive resource - peoples.

The qualities of a leader - what makes a great leader?

The driving force - motivation

Leading a high performing team

A leader's approach to high impact meetings

Is it good luck or good management?