Sitting In the Boardroom

Coach - Anne Watson

This course is an overview of some of the demands placed on the Non-Executive Director in the boardroom. What are the expectations of the other directors and the Chairman? What will the shareholders be looking for and how will you navigate your way through the board agenda and the board relationships so that you are adding value in the right way? Being a Non-Executive Director brings very different challenges and each role within each company is unique. This course highlights some of the routes to success and we have the benefit of the contribution of a successful Non-Executive Director, Adrian Lamb who presents to us some of the potential pitfalls. This course is practical and it offers suggestions on what might be the priorities of the Non-Executive Director who wants to make the right kind of impact.

The Rewards of being a Non-Executive Director

Sitting In the boardroom

Adrian Lamb - Ten pitfalls you may face as a NED